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EXPIRED LISTING - submitted on 2014-01-20.
Details and prices quoted are no longer current or valid.
Bedding and Blankets : AVAILABLE TO SELL


Medicated Bed Sheets.
100% effective in eradicating Bed Bugs and preventing infections. Medicated Bed Sheet is the perfect choice for people, who are looking forward to protecting themselves, from the Bed Bugs without exposing themselves to harmful chemicals. The fabric treatment does not involve any harmful chemicals and they are mostly derived from the oils extracted from the plants. This makes them perfectly safe for use. The medicated Bed Sheets are the best and universally acceptable method of Bed Bug control and is the best option for the Hospitals, Residential Schools, Hostels, Resorts, Homes etc.. This will not sanitize the Eggs of Bed Bugs; which will be sanitized at the time of hatching. Use minimum 18 days for complete eradication of bugs in a Bed. In areas where more than one mattress are used for, all the mattress should be treated simultaneously. For the best result, use within 90 days of opening of the package containing the sheet. The efficiency will be reduced on exposure to direct sun light, or higher temperature or spillage of water or other liquids on the medicated sheets. This product is Bio-degradable, Non Toxic and Non Polluting. This product is never harmful to Human Beings, Birds or Animals.

Listing ID: LA1078378
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Quantity Units Frequency
50,000 each Day
Price Funds Per Unit
12 USD each

NOTE : This is an archived listing and the details of the listing are outdated and no longer valid.
ID TYPE ITEMS ( Found : 95 ) DATE
LA1210804 Available Bedsheets, pillow covers. 2018-02-19 11:12:00
LA1200687 Available JERSEY FITTED SHEET . 2017-10-06 23:43:00
LA1191930 Available Wool plaids . 2017-06-19 23:55:00
LW1187831 Wanted Double quilt. 2017-04-22 23:08:00
LA1185492 Available imperfect new memory pillow. 2017-03-20 02:47:00
LA1162459 Available duvets and pillows. 2016-05-25 11:55:00
LA1158793 Available Bed sheet. 2016-04-13 03:46:00
LA1156728 Available Bedding. 2016-03-19 10:40:00
LW1143798 Wanted all kind of blankets. 2015-10-22 06:46:00
LW1127493 Wanted Bed Sheets. 2015-05-08 08:23:00
LW1126199 Wanted Bed Sheets. 2015-04-25 22:56:00
LA1124748 Available Household Textiles. 2015-04-13 08:56:00
LA1115958 Available Polar Fleece Blankets. 2015-01-20 00:38:00
LA1113232 Available fabric and home textile items. 2014-12-22 02:35:00
LW1099929 Wanted 100% cotton bed sheets. 2014-08-04 13:54:00
LW1090627 Wanted used blankets. 2014-05-01 18:26:00
LW1089333 Wanted Wide Sheeting Fabrics. 2014-04-19 10:39:00
LA1085919 Available Blankets Stock Lot. 2014-03-19 15:55:00
LA1081189 Available cotton bed sheets& cotton cloths. 2014-02-11 04:12:00
LA1078378 Available Medicated Bed Sheets. 2014-01-20 02:47:00
LA1076783 Available Bedsheets fabric, canvas tents,towels. 2014-01-06 14:44:00
LA1075552 Available bed sheet. 2013-12-20 02:05:00
LA1075545 Available Medicated Bed Sheet. 2013-12-19 23:25:00
LA1075053 Available New Bed sheets. 2013-12-14 22:01:00
LW1043781 Wanted We buy used quilts with feather in bulk . 2013-02-28 12:28:00
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