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Urban Life Ltd in Textile Fiberspace

Urban Life Ltd
Our company collect in Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia: Waste paper: 5 , 4 , 2 Mix newspapers, magazines, printer paper, Offset white paper, News paper OINP - Over Issued News Paper (printed in surplus quantities, or returned unsold in bundles, un-used, without sun-burn and without magazines). Polymers: PET scrap in bales or regrind transparent, PET scrap in bales or regrind mixed color, HDPE crushed, washed and dried in big bags 600 or 1000 kg., color mix, LDPE crushed, washed and dried in big bags 600 or 1000 kg., color mix, HDPE Bales, Mix colors, White, Braun and Green, Blue, LDPE Bales, color mix, PP, PE, PS, - unwashed minced 5th PU, ABS, PA, POM, PMMA, PC, EPS, PPS, PET G Glass: Flat glass, transparent, pieces of different sizes

Urban Life Ltd
Varna Varna

Contact : Marian Nikolov
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