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Carpet Pad Conversion USA, Inc. in Textile Fiberspace

Carpet Pad Conversion USA, Inc.
Carpet Pad Conversion USA, Inc.
Carpet Pad Conversion USA, Inc.is the pioneer and largest regional carpet and carpet padding recycle company. Since its inception in 1990, Carpet Pad Conversion USA, Inc. committed to divert 95% waste carpet and carpet pad into useful products and has diverted over 450 million pounds of carpet from landfills. This translate into a saving of more than 2,400,000 cubic yards of landfills space. With years of experience, trained proffessional staff, you can be sure that your waste carpet and pad recycling efforts will be a smooth and pleasant one. You can trust Carpet and Pad Conversion USA, inc. as a reliable and trusted source of Carpet and Pad Recyclers. Carpet Pad Conversion USA, inc., sell, import and export Waste Nylon Carpet and PU Padding, Nylon 6, nylon 66 repro from Post Consumer Carpet and Post Industrial Carpet and PU prime and rebond padding.

Carpet Pad Conversion USA, Inc.
Anaheim California

Contact : Henry Nguyen
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