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Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc. in Textile Fiberspace

Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc.
Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc.
Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc. (UCB) is a national logistics company that focuses on the REUSE of cardboard boxes and Gaylord totes. We have national contracts with many of the largest food, beverage and CPG manufacturers in the country. We buy their gaylords, their shipping boxes, their plastics, metals, etc. Then, we bring them back to our regional sorting centers to sort, inspect, bale/palletize and make them available to other large companies and recyclers (e-waste, metal, plastic, etc.) all over the country. If you need ANY used boxes (truckload quantities) or HAVE used boxes (truckload quantities) then you should definitely reach out to us. We can ALWAYS pay more than recycling rates (in any area) and we can ALWAYS provide for less than new.

Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc.
Los Angeles California

Contact : Marty Metro
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